Dreadlock Wax vs Gel – Which is the Better for Your Locs?

When dealing with dreads the goal should be to make the process of creating and maintaining them as easy as possible. Dreads require maintenance and need to be tended to on a consistent basis. That’s …

When dealing with dreads the goal should be to make the process of creating and maintaining them as easy as possible.

Dreads require maintenance and need to be tended to on a consistent basis. That’s where wax or gel comes in handy. Both of them are seeking to accomplish the same mission, they are an assistant in keeping dreads looking firm and tight.

The question a lot of people have is which works better. Of course, they know what they are both meant for but does one hold a certain advantage over the other, should one be used more than the other.

There are a lot of prerequisite questions that need to be asked beforehand by an individual but below we will be discussing the difference between wax and gel on dreadlocks.

What makes them both unique, their pros, and cons, and the best brand to use, hopefully making the decision on which to use easier to navigate.

What do dreadlock gels and waxes do?

The simple answer is that dreadlock gel and waxes are another maintenance tool to keep dreads look well together.

Wax and gel are used during the formations of dreads, and the reason they are a maintenance tool is that they have an effect on the hair that when the dreads are formed they are easier to maintain and stay in place longer but they still need to be used after the formation.

They also help the dreads glow and look more presentable. When in the process of making dreads the point of the gel and wax is to help ease the hair so the twisting process is easier, and in return the locs can be tightened and more presentable when finished.

After the dreads have been formed and the gel and wax become more crucial as the overall goal with them is to help accelerate the growth process, and to tighten the loc, as over time they will inevitably loosen and hair will fall out of place.

What is dreadlock wax?

Dreadlock wax is a product that is used during the formation of dreads and after the formation to keep them looking tight. Although it is worth mentioning that dreadlock wax is more commonly used during the formation of the locs as it helps the locs to look tighter and to look more mature.

Common ingredients

There are different types of dreadlocks wax but they all for the most contain a certain variation of these ingredients

  1. Shea Butter
  2. Glycerin
  3. Cetyl alcohol
  4. Beeswax
  5. Vitamin E



  • It will give the dreads the appearance of mature dreads even though that process can take up to a year normally
  • They help them maintain the firm, tight look longer


  • Wax can make the dreads feel heavy and have an oily appearance
  • The wax is hard to remove with water seeing how wax is insoluble

How long does it last?

Again every product is different but routinely dreadlock wax should last anywhere from 2 to 4 months. After that, the wax becomes more of a maintenance tool used to keep them looking tight and mature.

Best dreadlock wax

When exploring the web for dreadlock wax lots of different options can come flying into your face but only a few of those options can provide the desired outcome.

The one to assure the desired outcome repeatedly is called Knotty Boy Dark Dreadlock Wax. It is an unscented, dark-colored wax that can be used to form the dreads and maintain the dreads.

What could be seen as the best part about it is it also does not leave being that greasy, oily look. It also has one more quality that sets it apart from others in that it will allow you to wash your loc like normal.

This product is on the market and with Knotty Boys providing quality products since 1997 their dreadlock wax is sure to leave you with healthy, strong dreads that will stand out among the rest and last longer than them as well.

What is Dreadlock Gel?

Dreadlock Gel is a maintenance tool that can be used during the creation and after the creation of dreads. Its purpose comes more into effect though after the dread has been formed as it is more known for its assistance in tightening the locs.

Common ingredients

You can find most dreadlock gel will consist of the following

  • Coconut oil
  • Glycerin
  • Gelatin
  • Water


  • The gel is easier to wash off.
  • If desired it can be made on your own as the ingredients are not that complicated to obtain in your local store.


  • Some contain alcohol and that alcohol could contribute to the drying of the hair.
  • They help make the hair more malleable which makes it easier to create dreads.

How Long Does Dread Gel Last?

The interesting thing about dreadlock Gel is that it is easier to wash off, which means it comes off when you wash your hair. Depending on how often you wash your hair determines how long it will last as after you wash your hair it will need to be reapplied. So depending on how active of a life you live gel may need to be used one to several times a week.

What is the Best Dreadlock Gel?

Dreadlock gel is another market flooded with countless options, and while all may have the best intentions for your hair only one can be considered the best for your dreads. That gel is the Lions Loc gel from beard gains.

This product is good for mature dreads or startup dreads as they help to moisturize and retwist them. Its 100% organic ingredients will allow the gel to have a stronger hold and last longer.

With its new formula this product will have a firmer grip on the locs thus giving it that tightens grip for longer. No need either to worry about flakes or leftover residue as the Lions Loc leaves behind no of that, something that can not be said about most other products.

This gel stands out amongst the rest and with Lions loc being a credible company with a good track record and who are known for the quality of their products. You can be assured they will do your dreads justice and leave them tight and compact.

Which should you choose? Wax or Gel?

Each of these products is looking to do the same thing. They are looking to help form dreads easier and they are looking to help maintain them and make the process of keeping them around longer easier.

The big battle is often which is the best to use, and ultimately that decision comes down to the user. Just like many things in life they have their good sides and their bad sides.

While the Gel is easier to wash out, the wax commonly lasts longer in the hair, and as the wax may keep your dreads look mature quicker the gel is easier to make and cheaper to buy as a whole. They both hold an advantage in certain areas over the other but which of those benefits is the most beneficial to you.

Then what needs to be looked at is the ingredients. All hairs are different and the content of each product may be a red flag for people with certain hair qualities. It’s already been recommended to stay away from certain gels that contain alcohol so that is enough of a reason to stay away from them and stick with wax.

The choice is yours as they are both good products but you need to look at the pros/cons, and the ingredients and make a calculated analysis of which will be the product that you wish to use on your hair, and which works best for your head.