How To Become a Certified Loctician? With Career Details

Have you ever wondered what a loctician is? Maybe you’ve seen this profession listed on a job board and are curious as to what the responsibilities are. This blog post will break down what a …

Have you ever wondered what a loctician is? Maybe you’ve seen this profession listed on a job board and are curious as to what the responsibilities are.

This blog post will break down what a loctician is, the necessary certifications, and how to get started in this growing field. By the end of this post, you should have a good understanding of what it takes to become a loctician and be one step closer to following your dreams!

A loctician is someone who specializes in hair extensions and hair replacement. They can provide various services, including sew-ins, fusion extensions, and lace frontals.

If you’re interested in becoming a loctician, there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll need to get certified. The best way to do this is by completing an accredited program.

Then, once you’re certified, you’ll need to find a job at a reputable salon. There’s no doubt that becoming a loctician is a challenging but rewarding career choice.

If you’re up for the challenge, keep reading for more information on how to become a loctician.

What is a loctician?

A loctician is an expert in the field of hair extensions and weaves. They specialize with dreadlocks, mono-hair, or multi textures for natural-looking styles that last all day long!

You can find locticians on every corner of the globe, and their skillset is vast. They work with hair to make it look its best by removing tangles or sorting out knots, for you have dreads that are beautiful both inside-out!

A dreadlock loctician is an expert in making natural, healthy, and beautiful braids. They indeed are a necessary asset not only to any salon but also to communities worldwide where there’s demand for their services!

The dreadlock loctician will be able to give you the perfect style for your unique locks.

Although there are many different styles of locks, they all have their particular look that needs consideration when it comes time for installation or maintenance work on them.

Whether we’re talking about simple trimming away excess pieces around each side, nothing stands out too much as an issue requiring attention in later stages down below grade level, where things tend to get more natural-looking again.

Additionally, having everything appropriately organized is crucial to maintaining their hairstyle healthy by keeping harmful dirt from getting inside.

What does a loctician do?

Imagine the most meticulous and dedicated person you can imagine. Imagine them with their hands in your hair, combing through each strand until they feel smooth to the touch – then taking extra care not just during this process but every day afterward, too! A locutionist does for clients; they take on anything from dreads that need an emergency styling session or even keeping up long-term upkeep, so no one will ever tell how well maintained these locks are.

A locution is an individual who specializes in the care and styling of dreadlocks. A loctician can refer to someone either singularly or pluralistically, as it’s not just one person but somewhat different people with a shared interest treating your locks professionally from the start (or) maintenance through styling options like weaves, braid-outs, etc.

Do you need certification to be a Loctician?

Caring for hair is a centuries-old tradition. With the proper certification, you can find yourself at home doing what your favorite celebrities do!

The skills required to care appropriately and get those perfect locks might be within reach when one goes through formal training in loctiology – though not always necessary, this is an excellent way of learning all there are about different types of hairs.

To become a certified loctician, one must complete formal training and certification. Though not always required for an individual’s license in this field of work, it is recommended that those interested get these qualifications before pursuing any further education into their career choice, so they can handle different styles with care when needed most!

How do you become a Certified Loctician?

Upon completing the program, you can apply for certification. The process will require that participants show proficiency in all aspects of training and demonstrate their ability to work with various types or textures of hair using a range of techniques. Hence, not limit themselves when it comes time for employment opportunities downline!


There are many options to utilize the online environment for gaining your certification as a Loctician Hair Specialist. The Internet is an excellent resource for those looking to get certified. Unfortunately, there’s so much information on the web, and it can be complicated knowing where you should start, but luckily we have put together this list of 10 sites that will help make your journey easy! 

Searching online hair certification programs like Loctician (which covers both color craftsmanship AND perms), etc., saves time and ensures accuracy without wasting precious dollars.


The best way to learn is by being taught hands-on. But, unfortunately, when you’re learning something new, it can be challenging for your brain to process information and retain the newly acquired knowledge on top of everything else!

This strategy means that if there was ever an instance where someone tried using passive techniques – like just reading about how things work instead of themselves doing so – then chances are high they won’t know anything at all afterward.

Take a look at some In-Person opportunities throughout the country!

  1. Dreadlocks Training Center
  2. Divine Dreadlock Training Center
  3. Zamora Natural Hair
  4. Goddess Dreadlock Extensions And More by Keisha

How much does it cost to become a Certified Loctician?

Certification to become a Locitician differs from each training facility but can range from $500-$2,000. The cost of becoming a Locitician varies depending on where you live and the type of certification given.

In some areas, it’s as low as $500, but in others, it is up to about $2,000. The fees charged vary from one provider or school district over another, so make sure before signing any contracts with them!

This cost does not take the place of the fees associated with the application and full board certification. Each state possesses different laws and expenses for full licensing, so check with your local chapter for the criteria to take your certification!

Is it right for you?

If you aren’t sure if you want to become a full certified loctician, there are some beginner courses you can take that will help you decide if you want to go further.

A great place for online courses is a site called Udemy. I really like this video (click here) as it does a great job of tell you how to start your dreadlocks and it’s very reasonably priced.

How Much Does A Loctician Make?

The answer to this question mainly depends on the services they offer and where in North America those practices are operating location.

For example, if a specialist works at an average clinic with 20 sites, they could be looking forward to making around $80k per year – but that’s only if all their clients come through properly!

The skills you obtain will increase the average salary, but the sky is the limit in this industry. Demand is high and is a vital and sought-after career, so get started today by becoming a Loctician hairstylist!


Getting a job as a hairstylist can be challenging. It is crucial to have the proper education and qualifications for this field of work, which are sometimes difficult to attain.

But if you do find yourself with the opportunity to become one, then it would behoove you to learn how hair works and all about its history so that you may even feel compelled or inspired by your profession!

There’s nothing better than being true to oneself in life and career choices-so; go ahead, take on this challenge head first!