How to Moisturize Locs For Maximum Benefit

Interested in how you moisturize you’re locs? Well, we are too, so we are diving in to help you do just that.  We will start off with answering the main question first however so if …

Interested in how you moisturize you’re locs? Well, we are too, so we are diving in to help you do just that. 

We will start off with answering the main question first however so if you’re a busy person you can move on with your day. 

How to moisturize locs? To get good moisture in your locs you need to be sure and use a good shampoo that will clarify and moisturize with minimal residue which could cause unnecessary itching and other issues. You will also want a good head oil that will also help to keep your locs moisturized.

Now even though you now know the basic minimums on keeping your locs moisturized there is more to it. Below we highlight why you need to do it in the first place.

We will also go over why locs become dried out and some other suggestions to keep in mind. If you have the time to spare, keep reading so you can be a “master of your locs” in no time. 

Why Are My Locs So Dry?

Locs are literally hair “locked” in place. Also known as dreadlocks this hairstyle can come in a few different fashions and styles but all of them need to be taken care of appropriately in order for them to be well maintained. 

Should your locs become too dry they can break and crack causing them to not look as good or just fall apart. Allowing them to dry out could also lead to an itchy and irritated skull that no one likes dealing with. In some cases, they can even acquire an odor that is especially unappealing. 

It is important to note that your locs can become dry because of a lack of care or even some products you add to your hair. It is an issue that can plague many happy “loc’d” people. 

It is also important to be sure that your locs are actually dry. Natural hair usually does not have a shine of any kind to it. Instead, it has a slight sheen reflecting healthy hair and locs. 

It’s the way the light reflects off of your locs that will tell you if they are dry or not. The sheen can be hard to see in some and possibly nonexistent in others if this is the case then your locs may not be dry at all. 

Below are some signs that your locs have become dry. 

Signs Your Locs Are Dry 

The most common way to tell that your locs are dry is the sheen your natural hair has. Now if your hair has never had a great sheen then there are other ways to tell if your hair and locs have become dry or not. 

Your locs can become dry if too much of certain products and chemicals are used improperly to care for your locs. When checking them look for areas that may feel brittle to your touch.

If you find any of these areas they may be at risk of breaking. Others may also have naturally dry hair anyway which is something you can overcome as well. It may just take some extra care on your dreadlocks to do so. 

Tips To Moisturize Your Locs

Now that we know how and why your locs are dry let’s go over some tips on how to keep them moisturized. 

Below we will touch on each tip so you can be well-armed and ready to not only have some awesome dreadlocks but to also keep those locs nice and healthy with minimal fuss.

Drink Water

Most of us know that when it comes to your health one of the most important things you can do is drink water. Staying hydrated is always at the top of the list on almost everything regarding your body and anything on it. 

It should be no surprise then that drinking water is a great way to keep your locs moisturized. Promoting a happy and healthy body will also transfer to happy and healthy hair. 

This may seem like a small, insignificant step but it really isn’t. The chemicals and ways your body uses to grow your hair will definitely revolve around how hydrated you are. 

For healthy locs be sure to hydrate your body. 

Use Aloe

The aloe plant has been known for years for its health benefits and how it can help our bodies do anything from healing to staying healthy. 

Did you know you can also use aloe to keep your locs healthy and moisturized too? That is absolutely what you can do. The only thing you have to watch out for is how much you use. 

When it comes to your locs too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect and dry your hair out. This is not a serious concern but something to keep in mind. 

Use Rose Water Mix 

Another great conditioner you can use is also a completely natural one. Rose water is a great tool you can add to your hair care routine and will keep your locs nice and moisturized.

Rose water is also aromatic which means it will smell nice. It can also help heal and soothe making this route a well-rounded option in your life as well as your loc’s life.

One way that rose water really helps is when you’re dealing with harsh water that is drying your locs out. Not only will rosewater help with moisturizing but it will also add a more “luster and softness” to your overall hair. Not to mention that vitamins A, C, D, E, and B3 are all there as well providing even more benefits. 

With all these benefits rose water will add a very nice, beautiful sheen to your locs. 

Rose water also adds two more benefits as well. If your scalp is dry or you have dandruff with its natural qualities it is safe to apply directly to your scalp and it will help relieve this and other conditions too. 

Lastly rose water will also help promote additional hair growth. So if your locs are “young” and you’re looking to build them up then adding rose water to your lineup is a great way to go about it. 

Oh, and it should be mentioned that rose-scented hair is a great way to remind yourself and everyone else around how great they smell and how much it’s like summer? 

Now that’s something worth looking into, right? 

Oil Your Locs

Another great way to keep your locs moisturized and healthy is the use of oils. 

Oils like coconut or even olive oil will help protect your locs from drying out. You can also use tea tree oil which is especially good with its antifungal properties. 

Finally, this Jamaican black castor oil is an absolute rockstar when it comes to keeping your locs moisturized. Not only will it promote a healthy scalp but it will also enable your hair to grow longer and stronger resulting in even stronger locs. 

Wrapping Your Locs 

Another great tip is wrapping your locs at night. Although they may be strong they can still be at risk of breakage or damage from friction. 

Wrapping your locs in silk or satin can/will protect them throughout the night. A simple yet reliable step to keeping your locs holding tight. 

Research, Research, Research

Last but not least, do your research. When maintaining and moisturizing you’re locs nothing will serve them or you better than exactly what you’re doing now, researching.

The Internet is a plethora of information and tips and tricks for keeping your locs from drying out. Hopefully, in this article, we have covered just about anything you need to know but as time moves forward other options may come available down the road as well. 

Remember to always keep researching so you can stay up to date with all the trends and advice so not only do your locs stay completely healthy but modern as well. 

How Often Should You Oil Your Hair?

When oiling your hair or using any moisturizer for that matter on your locs you should only do it as needed. 

When your locs are new or young this is especially important. If you over-moisturize then you will risk loosening your locs. 

On the other hand, if your locs become too dry then you run the risk of damage. In either scenario use a small amount of moisturizer or oil and once they seem dry to you again reapply it. 

Over time this will become easier as your locs grow and become stronger; frequent care will only need to happen from time to time. Ultimately it will come down to how your hair “acts” and how frequently it dries out. 

Be careful to only stick to a few hair products as well as using too many can cause buildup which will force you to have to wash your locs to get that stuff out. 

Once you get to know your hair and locs you’ll have your routine “locked” up in no time. 

What Not To Do With Locs

Now that we have covered all the great ways you can keep your locs moisturized and healthy, we wanted to touch on just a few things you should not do. 

Don’t Wear a Shower Cap 

Wearing a shower cap may seem like a great idea to help protect your head and to keep the unwanted product and/or water out of it but it is actually not protecting anything. 

Instead, it is essentially “locking” gunk and other potentially harmful things into your hair. Not only that but it is concentrating them as well allowing no room for breathing or airing out. 

Your dreadlocks are already a “protective” hairstyle and over time as you wash and take care of them even if they get wet it will be easy for them to dry and everything. Worry less about protecting your hair this way and more about your daily hair routine.

This will ensure your hair stays healthy and moisturized regardless of a shower cap and any additional moisture or product getting your locs. 

Check Your Product Labels

First on this list is checking your product labels. As mentioned throughout the article it is important to prevent a lot of residue from building up on your locs. 

Too much will result in them looking dull and becoming dry causing the exact opposite effect you’re looking for. 

Never ever use products that contain mineral oil, petroleum (think Vaseline), and especially alcohol. These ingredients will only dry out your hair faster. If any are present in the product you’re looking at, be sure they are on the lower end of the list rather than the top as they are more “concentrated” at that point. 

If possible, always try to find a gentle option for your conditioners and other products like oils and shampoos too. 

Paraffin and beeswax are also products you will want to completely avoid as they will destroy your locs. Once in your locs, they are almost impossible to get out due to how thick they can be.

Be Gentle In the Beginning

In the beginning, your starter locs are extremely sensitive and can come undone if not taken care of properly.

You will want to keep them moisturized but you also will want to avoid overdoing it otherwise they can become loose and detangle themselves. 

Be sure to only deep condition them every one to two weeks and add a daily moisturizer to your routine that you can use sparingly throughout the day to keep them from drying out. 

The last thing you’ll want is to use a product you thought was safe only to find out it created a nightmare for your awesome dreads. 

Try Not To Touch

Lastly and very importantly is to do your best not to mess with your locs. We know especially in the beginning they are cool and awesome and you just want to touch them and all that jazz.

Try to resist, however. By messing with them too much the oils and other residues that could be on your hands can help cause buildups of gunk resulting in more frequent treatments. Which could lead to them drying out even more. 

Do your best to only mess with your locs when it is necessary so they are allowed to be healthy and flourish gunk-free. 

How Often Should Locs Be Moisturized?

When maintaining you’re locs they will be able to tell you when and when not to moisturize. As you get used to them you will notice when your locs are dry or have some build-up, or even if they begin to get a funky odor to them. 

It is ok to clean them and moisturize as necessary. Doing so a few times a day shouldn’t harm anything but if your hair isn’t dry or it doesn’t seem like it needs additional product then pass on it. 

As your hair matures it will stay and retain moisture easier as time goes on. Resulting in you having to do less which is great and having a potentially useless product which is an added bonus. 

To give you an idea of a schedule for you, washing your locs should take place roughly every two to three weeks. This will keep them washed and also detox your hair to remove anything that has invaded it. 

Obviously, if something more serious does get into your hair however be sure to clean it as soon as you are able so any foreign matter can’t set in and start a process where your locs become ruined. 

You can also combine oil and a moisturizing spray to keep any dryness away, giving your hair that slick sheen you’re looking for. 

What’s the Best “Leave-In” Moisturizer for Locs?

The moisturizer we have found to leave in your hair is this OKAY Black Jamaican Castor Oil

It is a great and highly rated product that has served many people well. 

This castor oil will help keep your locs nice and moisturized while also helping them to regrow strong and healthy. The product is also sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free, and can be used on all hair types as well. 

The final bonus and this only matters to a few people but it is made right here in the United States so you’re also supporting a solid business structure right here at home. 

You would be hard-pressed to find another product as good as this one especially since it is also under ten bucks. Now that should get you excited about taking care of those locs.