What Do You Need To Retwist Dreads?

Dreads have been around for centuries. Multiple cultures have used them as a sign of superiority or simply a fashion sense. But with all great things comes the responsibility of taking care of them, and …

Dreads have been around for centuries. Multiple cultures have used them as a sign of superiority or simply a fashion sense. But with all great things comes the responsibility of taking care of them, and dreads are no different.

Retwisting dreads is a necessary practice to keep dreads over a long period. Dreads do not just simply stay in place from the day you twist them into place. They need to be watched over and taken care of.

While twisting dreads is necessary, it does take certain tools for the job. Whether it be gel, a brush, or a comb. In order to get the best result, you need certain tools to make it all work out. You also need to follow certain guidelines to make it possible. Fortunately for us, the steps are relatively simple. Taking care of hair does not need to be this difficult, or involve complex strategies that only certain people can do.

What this article will do is show you what you need to retwist dreads, how often you need to, why it’s important, etc. Hopefully, make your retwisting journey smooth, so you can enjoy your dreads for the longest time possible.

Why is it important to retwist your dreads?

Just like anything over time, things wear out, get old, they no longer have the same look or feel as they once did. The same applies to dreads. Over time they will loosen, giving this messy look that is never good to put on display. This may all be due to the growth of your hair.

The purpose of retwisting is to shape the root of the hair. To make sure it keeps the same tight, cyclical appearance they had when they were first twisted. Basically to realign the loc, but to also bring that extra hair that has grown into the fold of the dread.

It essentially is looking to make the locs look brand new. It’s a convenient technique that promotes longevity, and helps to present healthy and thriving dreadlocks. Having well-maintained, tight dreadlocks also promote hair growth, while maintaining the current hair growth. It simply is another maintenance technique that is necessary for the toolbox to keep dreads for a long period of time.

Adding it along with other maintenance tools retwisting assures healthy, tight dreads for the duration of how long you wish to keep them.

How often do you need to retwist your dreads?

Typically locs should be retwisted every 4-6 weeks, but this is an arbitrary number. It also comes down to your other maintenance patterns. Locs could last months if other maintenance patterns are adhered to. These maintenance techniques include, but are not limited to, wearing a shower cap when taking a shower, or going to bed with a hair scarf. If these or other tools or applied locs can stay well maintained for some time, but otherwise, the schedule should be in the range of 4-6 weeks.

Can you retwist your own dreads?

Retwisting your hair is not something you exclusively need to do at a salon. It can be done on your own, at your own house. The steps and necessary equipment are relatively simple to obtain. If done correctly and done with the most precision it could lead to potentially better dreads than could be found in a salon.

What do you need to retwist locs?

Of course, retwisting your hair on your own requires certain equipment. Nothing too complicated but there are certain things you need to have in your arsenal. The only thing about these tools is they need to be specific. They are items that can be found at your local pharmacy store, but certain items for retwisting dreads work better than others. Below we will discuss the exact equipment needed to obtain to conduct the retwisting process.

i. Double prong clips

  • As opposed to other clips on the market, these are especially useful because of their tight grip on the locs. Wider clips have the potential to allow some of the loc to slip out and unravel. These clips however will firmly hold the locs in place. They come in handy during the twisting process and after the twisting has been done.

ii. Locking gel

  • The name says it all, the purpose of this gel is to keep the locs in place over time. There are many different variations of locking gels on the market. The best avenue to go down is to avoid any that may lead to excessive build up or flaking. These will just lead to further issues down the road and damage the hair potential beyond repair.

iii. Hairdryer

  • A hairdryer should be a staple in everyone’s household but especially when you are nursing dreadlocks. When it comes to the best hair dryer for dreadlock it requires a certain type of hair dryer. Specifically, you should be using a bonnet hair dryer. Bonnet hair dryers offer the convenience of being less noisy, and the drying time will be significantly reduced. What conventional hair dryers or air dryers prevent is drying the hair from the outside and inside. With a bonnet hair dryer, it will make sure to dry the locs evenly across.

Should your dreads be wet or dry?

It would be within your best interest to twist your hair while it is wet but more toward damp. The advantage of having wet hair while twisting it is that the twist done will take shape better.

It is essentially like your sculpting your hair into the desired hair, and along with the locking gel, it will help to hold your hair together. It’s the drying of hair after the twist that is crucial.

The thorough drying of hair after the twisting will help prevent bad smells and the buildup of unfavorable chemicals that could lead to that unsettling smell. But during the twisting process, it is preferable to have wet hair.

How long will it take?

Experience plays a part in how long the re-twisting process takes. Typically it can take around three to five hours, but again if you have done this before, it could be done quicker. You could find yourself with fresh-looking dreads in a couple of hours.

How do you retwist your dreads?

  1. Wash your hair beforehand. This is important to remove any buildup that may exist within the current dreads.
  2. By using the rat tail portion of a comb, part the new hair growth of the loc you are currently working on.
  3. Take the dreadlock gel of your choice and apply it to the root of your hair
  4. Take all the loose hair and begin to twist into the fold of the loc.
  5. Once you finish one loc, use the double prong clip to hold the locs in place, and isolate it from the rest of the locs.
  6. Once finished with all your locs, use the bonnet hair dryer. Keep your hair in the bonnet until the hair is completely dry.


When it comes to hair in general there are always steps needed to keep them looking pristine. The same can be said for dreadlock. One of the reasons not everyone is capable of having dreadlocks is the work that goes into them. Dreadlock can last for long periods of time, but for that to be true means the following of certain steps.

Retwisting dreadlocks can be an exciting time. You get to see your hair looking brand new, and walk around like a new person. It is a simple process that anyone can do, and with experience can be a job that becomes increasingly easier to do.

The name of the game when it comes to dreads is longevity. Retwisting dreads is one of the simplest things to do to keep your dreads looking great for months, for years to come.

Joining the growing list of people can be an exciting time, and knowing that the process of maintaining them and making them look great is quick and easy. It’s no wonder this trend has remained in the limelight for so many years.