How Much Do Starter Locs Cost?

Locs are packed, rope-like strands of hair that clump together. This hairstyle is both aesthetic and functional. It is also a protective and economical hairstyle as it does not cost much to maintain. Dreadlocks offer …

Locs are packed, rope-like strands of hair that clump together. This hairstyle is both aesthetic and functional. It is also a protective and economical hairstyle as it does not cost much to maintain. Dreadlocks offer many benefits, which is why many want this hairstyle. But the big question is, how much do start locs cost

Starting dreadlocks costs anywhere between $100 to $150. The cost depends on many factors, including hair length and intensity, level of loctician’s expertise, and desired number of locs. Moreover, dreadlocks have different styles, which include traditional, free form, braid locks, sister locks, and interlocks. The cost of these styles also varies due to their complexity.

Besides, most professional locticians charge by the hour, and factors such as hair length and chosen style affect how long it takes. The longer it takes, the more expensive it becomes.

Keep reading as this article highlights what you need to know about starter locs, the prices for different locs styles, and factors that influence these prices. We also provide a few tips if you consider doing it yourself or seeing a loctician.

What is Starter Locs?

Also termed baby locs, it is the first stage of hair locking and lasts between 3 to 6 months. How long this phase lasts depends on your hair texture and speed of growth. Locs at this stage often demands more care, attention, and patience since they tend to unravel quickly.

Palm rolls, braids, comb coils, two-strand twists, backcombing, and interlocking are the best ways to initiate starter locs. After initiating the locs, maintenance is key to keeping them healthy.

So, how do you maintain starter locs? Here are some great tips to help you.

  • Allow hair to grow naturally: it is best to let the hair grow naturally. Avoid touching the hair often and resist the urge to manipulate the hair until your next re-twist appointment. It is best to limit hair products’ use during this loc formation stage.
  • Apply natural oils: Applying natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil help improve the moisture content of Locs, preventing them from drying out.
  • Avoid washing Start Locs often: If you want your starter locs to grow into mature locs, you must limit the number of times you wash them. The recommended wash rate is once in two weeks for dreadlocks still in the starter phase.
  • Protect Locs while sleeping: Before you sleep, ensure to cover your starter locs with a scarf, preferably made of satin, or use a pillowcase made of satin. This material would help prevent your hair from drying out.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $100 to $150 for your starter locs. However, it is important to note that the price of getting starter locs could be higher or lower than this. The actual starter locs price depends on the length of your hair and its density. It also depends on the salon and the expertise of its loctician.

What is Included in The Price?

The price you pay when getting starter dreads covers a consultation where you discuss the sizing and grid options suitable for your hair. Furthermore, it covers the locking method used and style. Other services included in this payment are shampoo, conditioning treatments, and 10 to 30 minutes of dryer time.

However, it is important to note that these inclusions depend on the salon used. Some salons offer more, while some offer less.

What Can Influence the Price?

There are many factors that can influence starter locs cost. So, let’s examine a few of them.

Hair Density

How dense your hair is would largely determine the cost of dreadlocks. Starter Locs for very dense hair would cost more than less dense hair. This is primarily because of the time it would take the loctician to create locs on extremely dense hair. Hair that is very thick or dense does not twist or bend as easily as thin hair.

Hair Length

Hair length influences dreadlocks’ cost. Long hair takes more time to loc than short hair. This is due to the effort it takes to lock long hair. Professional locticians charge by the hour, which means it would cost you a little more to lock a long hair than it would cost to lock a short one.

Extensions or Not

The use of extensions is another factor that influences the cost of dreadlocks. If you are using purely natural hair without extension, the cost of initiating the dreadlocks is considerably cheaper than if you use extensions.

Furthermore, when using an extension, the cost of dreadlocks also varies. It depends on the type, color, and extension length you decide to use. Generally, human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic ones.

Number of Locs

A professional loctician can decide to charge you by the number of locs you want to install on your hair regardless of the style. The number of locs you are looking to install largely influences the time spent on the hair, which ultimately determines how much the Loctician charges you.

Style of Dreadlocks

The style of dreadlock you want is the major factor influencing how much you pay. There are different styles of dreadlocks. Let’s examine them and the average amount you can pay for them.

Traditional Locs

This is one of the most affordable dreadlock styles. The average cost of installing this dreadlock type is less than $100. The cost depends largely on the density and length of your hair. Installing this style of loc takes anywhere between 4-8 hours.


Installing this style of braid requires the use of a latch hook. The average cost of installing braidlocs is less than $100, although there is a maintenance cost of about $50 to $75. This maintenance is usually retightening, which occurs every four to six weeks after installation.


Locticians form this type of loc using a latch hook or by hand. Besides, you can start this loc at home free of charge. If you involve a loctician, installing the interlocks costs $150 to $200.

Freeform Locs

This is one of the lowest maintenance locs you can install. It is also the least expensive because it does not require the use of expensive hair products. This dreadlock forms through braiding, palm rolling hair or twisting. You can install this type of Loc by yourself, but if you require the services of a loctician, the average cost is below $100.

Faux Dreadlocks

This dread style is ideal if you want to achieve the dreadlock appearance without putting in the work. Hair locked in this style is your hair extensions instead of your natural hair. The average cost of installing faux dreadlocks is $150 to $300, depending on the expertise of the loctician and the length of the extension.

Wool Dreadlocks

This is a dreadlock that comes in a variety of styles, albeit temporary. The average cost of installing wool dreadlocks is $150-$300, depending on the length, color, and quality of wool used.

Wick Locks

Installing this dreadlock style costs an average of $100 to $200. It is important to note that wick locks are probably the thickest style of dreadlocks. Their thickness means you might need less than ten wick dreadlocks for your hair.

The cost of installing this type of dreadlock depends on the length and density of your hair. It also depends on the time spent installing the locs. However, with this lock style, you can use a loctician or DIY.


This is an intricate style of dreadlocks. Furthermore, its intricate nature makes it extremely time-consuming. Sisterlocks are just like traditional locks but thinner. It is not easy to pull off, and certified sisterlocks locticians often charge more for their time.

The intricate nature of this style of dreadlocks makes installation expensive. What’s more, the average cost here is between $500 to $800, depending on the length and density of your hair.

How Long Does A Starter Loc Appointment Take?

The duration of your starter loc appointment depends on the style of locs you want to do. Traditional locks can take around two to three hours to install. On the other hand, installing sisterlocks can take up to 36 hours, which is more expensive.

Besides, the duration of your Loc appointment depends on the thickness and length of your hair, as well as the skill and training of your loctician.

Should You See a Loctician, or Can You DIY?

The style of dreadlocks you want to install would determine if you should do it yourself or consult a loctician. If you are gunning for a sisterlock or an interlock dreadlock, then you should consult a Loctician.

You might consider booking an appointment with a loctician expensive, but if you want your dreads done right, you need their services.

Below are some reasons to consult a loctician before starting dreadlocks yourself.

Help You Start Your Dreadlock Journey Correctly

This includes giving you the right advice on the best dreadlock style for your hair. Sometimes the hair might not be healthy enough for dreads to thrive. It would take the professional eye of a loctician to spot this hair anomaly and proffer helpful advice to help correct it.

They also help shorten the installation process since you would take a long time installing the locs yourself.

Advice On The Right Products

Not every hair product is ideal for use on locs. Some hair products harm your locks and result in product build-up. A loctician is in the best possible position to recommend products that would be ideal for your locks.


While installing locs might be easy, maintaining them takes a lot more. A loctician is in the best position to advise you on the maintenance routine that would hasten the locking process while preventing damage.


Locs are a protective hairstyle and are always trendy. How much it costs to install dreadlocks depends on your hair density, length, dread style, and the expertise of the Loctician.